‘An Eagle’s Eye, a Lion’s Heart and a Lady’s Hand’: Surgery and Emotion, Past and Present

Wednesday June 6th 2018

‘An Eagle’s Eye, a Lion’s Heart and a Lady’s Hand’: Surgery and Emotion, Past and Present
Image Credit: Adrian Wressell, Heart of England NHS FT

Join an historian and surgeon to discuss the emotional life of surgery, past and present.

This free lunchtime event will take place in the Wellcome Collection's Reading Room on Wednesday 6th June from 1.30-2.30pm. 

It brings together an historian of surgery and emotion (the project's Principal Investigator Dr Michael Brown) and a retired Professor of Surgery currently undertaking a PhD in History (Professor John Collins).

We will explore the place of emotions in surgical practice in the past and present, drawing on a rich body of historical material, as well as on John’s extensive experience as a surgical oncologist and educator. The discussion will be facilitated by Engagement Fellow Alison Moulds.

In this interactive event, participants will help shape the conversation by sharing their views on the role of emotions in surgery and will have a chance to ask Michael and John any questions.

No booking required.

This is an Open Platform event, hosted by the Reading Room at Wellcome Collection.

Speaker Biography: Professor John Collins

After completing his surgical training in the United Kingdom, John joined the University Department of Surgery in Auckland where his major career interests have been in surgical oncology and medical education. He has held a number of leadership positions at university, medical college and government level and was a previous Hunterian Professor at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. John is currently Visiting Research Professor in Surgery at the University of Oxford, Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Green Templeton College and undertaking a PhD in history.

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