Science Museum Workshop: Medical and Metaphorical Wounds from the Middle Ages to the Boer War

Friday March 16th 2018

The Surgery & Emotion project team will be speaking about their research at ‘Medical and Metaphorical Wounds’. This interdisciplinary two-day workshop - which looks at the varied understandings of wounds and wounding across history - is being held at the Science Museum on 16-17 March 2018.

Our panel - which is being chaired by Alison Moulds - will comprise the following papers:

Michael Brown, ‘War, Wounds and Feeling: The Brothers Bell and the Shaping of Surgical Sensibility’

James Kennaway, ‘Wounds, Fortitude and Nationality in Crimean War Surgery’

Agnes Arnold-Forster, ‘Senses and Subjectivity: Cancerous Wounds in the Early-Nineteenth-Century Clinic’

The full programme is available to view here.

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