Workshop on Doctors and Persuasion

Tuesday October 2nd 2018

Workshop on Doctors and Persuasion
John Simon puts pressure on the Corporation of London to act on pestilential graveyard conditions (Wellcome Collection)

What role has persuasion played in decision making in the health sector? 

Project PI Michael Brown will be taking part in a workshop run by the University of Bristol's Centre for Health, Law, and Society (CHLS). Open to the public, as well as students and staff of the University of Bristol, the event brings together leaders in health law and related disciplines to investigate 'The Art of Medical Persuasion from 1800 to Today'.

The event will discuss how, over the years, medical practitioners have ventured far from their consulting rooms and hospitals to practise the art of medical persuasion in courts, public spaces, and legislative chambers - as well as in the popular press.

The event will provide insight into how such persuasion has influenced regulation of the profession and improvements of public health – and the impact this has had on professional ethics, what it means to be a doctor, and the role doctors should play in shaping health policy.

The workshop session from 3-5:30pm will include presentations by Dr Catherine Kelly (Law, Bristol), Dr Victoria Bates (History, Bristol), Dr Michael Brown (History, Roehampton) and Professor John Coggon (Law, Bristol) and will conclude with panel and audience discussion chaired by Dr Joan Tumblety (History, Southampton).

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The event is followed by a keynote talk given by leading GP and former chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Dr Clare Gerada, entitled 'When Persuasion Fails'.

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